Monitor Setup and Calibration

If the monitor setting is available, set the monitor's colour temperature to 6500 degrees Kelvin, which is the standard for video, and you will quickly get used to it.

If your monitor has not been calibrated, then I suggest that you use the grey wedge below to adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast controls so that at least the first 12 steps e.g. from white to 95% black are distinctly visible, the distinction between 95% and 100% should just be barely visible. First set your monitor contrast control to maximum, then adjust the brightness

All images on this site is adjusted to be viewed using the above settings.  To perform the optimal calibration download this grey wedge and use it as a wallpaper due to the fact that different web readers are misusing the colour depth and will present the image slightly of the colour scale, the same goes for some image manipulation programs.